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The Acc U Rate (TM) Pediatric Pulse Oximeter is made specifically for kids. While smaller in size, it uses the same technology embedded in the Acc U Rate (TM) line of Pulse Oximeters to ensure unparalleled accuracy. This pediatric version includes an adorable polar bear design to make it visually pleasing and more easily accepted by children. This pediatric pulse oximeter can measure oxygen saturation through a child's finger even while the child is moving. Suitable for children age 2 and up. Click here for more details.

The popular Acc U Rate (TM) pulse oximeter is an award winning product specifically made for sport enthusiast who want to measure their SpO2 (Percentage of oxygen saturation in your blood) and pulse rate on the go. It features fast and accurate readings, whether you’re flying or climbing, a pilot or an athlete. Taking a reading is easy, just clip on your finger and turn iton at the press of a button. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket yet powerful enough to measure up to 40 hours continuously. Click here for more details.